Wonderful Italy wants to show and improve the diffusion of the authenticity of the products made in Italy.

In the time of the maximum expression of multinational company , we want guarantee the  excellence of the products in every sector of Italian artisanship.

With our company, it is possible to find and buy artisanal products and traditional form of art from the North to the South of Italy.

High quality, originality, new ideas and authentic materials are the main aspects of the philosophy of our company.

In order to find professional workers  in every sector of local artisanship, we select our providers with accuracy and attention.


Wonderful Italy gives you the possibility to buy our excellent products with our shop pages.

Before the sale, our clients have the opportunity to know the history of our products from the manufacturing to the characteristic of them.

Furthermore, our company promote artisan news , fairs, the most important and special event in the world of Italian artisanship, giving you the opportunity to discover fashion and tradition around Italy.